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Size:70cm x 180cm
Material:Khadi cotton warp and fine wool weft
Washing:Washable at 30°. Do not spin dry.

About the ananta-bordeaux & gold

Jamdani is an ancient weaving technique from Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. The geometric jamdani pattern is created freehand as each row of cloth is woven, an art of precision, dedication and great skill. by the weaver, counting threads on the warp to achieve the accuracy of pattern detail.

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Each item in the Annaloom collection has been made by hand using entirely natural materials. Many of the textures, designs or qualities of the textiles are only possible to achieve by hand. Each piece celebrates the skill of the craftsperson who made it.

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The collection blends traditional techniques with contemporary design & aesthetic. Timeless elegance runs through the Annaloom brand.

Ethical sources

Annaloom supports the hand weaving tradition in rural communities in India, Laos and Cambodia. We work with individuals, NGO’s and handweaving co-operatives that bring economic sustainability to the community through their specialised weaving skills.

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